Bad News

Have you ever gotten bad news? Do you remember how you felt? I have been through a time in my life where it seems like nothing but bad news concerning my health and well being. I want to share with you this journey that I have been on and hopefully someone will find encouragement through it.

I am 22 and have had back problem since I was about 19. I started going to the chiropractor and it seemed to help, but I found that it was only temporary pain relief. I was experiencing low back pain. Pain that started making my legs go numb. At age 19, this was not the best thing in the world. I would go to the chiropractor for about a month and that would take care of pain for about three months.

After going through this cycle, I gave up on chiropractors. I did not want to go back. The end of September 2011 I started experiencing the back pain again. I got to the point I was not even able to get out of bed. The pain was severe to the point I was missing class, which is not what is wanted.

Finally, the middle of October, I met Dr. David Erb of Maximized Living. He had been attending LifeChurch Coppell, where I attend, and my boyfriend had been telling me to go see him. One Sunday after church, my boyfriend introduces me to Dr. Erb and I tell him about the pain I had been in, his response was my office opens at 7:30 am tomorrow morning, be there.

I went that Monday morning to Dr. Erb’s office. Once there I did X-rays, physical tests, and different tests on my spine. As soon as the tests were over, Dr. Erb said come back this afternoon this is serious. I had no clue what was coming up next. All I knew I was about to turn 22 and to find out something is seriously wrong with me scared me to death. I had no idea what was to come and what was to happen. I was driving back to the school for my class, crying out to God wondering what was going to happen. All the sudden I hear God say, “Be still and know that I am God” (Psalm 46:10). Talk about a relief. At that moment I knew God was there.

I went back to find out that my lower back had no curve, my upper back had a six-degree scoliosis, the lower part of my neck had a seven-degree scoliosis, and the top part of my neck was curved but yet frozen in place. As well as structure I had severe nerve damage and signal damage to all my organs. As a 22 year old that is not the best news in the world. I had no clue how this was ever going to be ok.

I later sat down and found out the cost of the care, and my family could not afford it. I left the office scared. I thought to myself I actually trust this doctor. I found someone that knows what to do to help and now I have to walk away. I began to cry out to God. And yet again I heard, “Be still and know that I am God” (Psalm 46:10). A day later I found Dr. Josh Ferrell also with Maximized Living to help me. I began treatments with him immediately.

Dr. Ferrell had me do some blood tests so I could start a diet plan and get healthy. The blood tests led to me having to seek a thyroid doctor. The thyroid doctor has no clue what is wrong with my thyroid so she orders a sonogram.

The sonogram takes place and I have just found out they found a nodule on my thyroid. This is the last bit of bad news I have heard lately. I have decided to go ahead and do the radioactive iodine uptake test. This will show them what to do next to help me. They are hoping the test will diminish the nodule and we are praying it is nothing severe.

Bad news is not fun to get. I know this because it is all I have gotten since October.

But the best news I have gotten since October is………….. I serve the GREATEST Physician and in HIS perfect timing I will be well physically. Knowing that God will show my doctors, myself and others around me His great and awesome hand at work in me through my physical trials.

If you today can relate to the bad news please know that God does know what He is doing. He has NOT forgotten about you. He knows exactly why you are walking through this difficult time. Burry yourself in the Word and allow yourself to be filled up by God, and not the bad news. I believe if God brings you to it; He will bring you through it.




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