Hit the Ground Running

Whew…it has been a crazy past 2 days!!

Yesterday (Monday) I began my Radioactive Iodine Uptake test. This was the test I had to do for my thyroid to see what was really going on. This is a two part test, given at three different times.

The first time I went, they had to give me the radioactive pill. Not a huge deal, but since it was a radioactive pill, it had to be administered at the hospital. After taking the pill I was free to go.

I got back to the dorm, washed my sheets, did homework and my friend colored my hair. I am working on going back to my natural color, so we are working on getting there. After coloring my hair, I jumped in the shower and got ready as fast as I could.

I had to go back to do the actual test on my thyroid. During this part of the test, I had to sit completely still for about an hour so they could take pictures of my thyroid. I was strapped to a table and could not move. It was definitely an experience. After I left the hospital, I went to the chiropractor.

When I finished at the chiropractor, I had dinner and spent the evening with my boyfriend. I ended the day reading “Jesus Calling” devotional and meditating on the Word. What a great way to end a very crazy day!

Today, I woke up and had to be at the hospital to finish my Uptake test. After finishing it I had to go to Walmart for groceries! I cut up fresh fruit for lunch and enjoyed it!

After eating lunch I completed my homework assignment and headed to my thyroid specialist appointment.

After that appointment, I had to get back for a meeting about my upcoming student teaching. The meeting made me scared but yet excited, nervous but yet anticipating greatly! I found out all the rules and regulations that I must follow during the semester! I am so excited about the upcoming semester!

After the meeting, I went to my night class. I had to sit in class tonight for 3 hours. I learned about classroom management and how to handle students when I get into my own classroom. I cannot wait to get my own classroom and be able to teach! Teaching is my passion and I LOVE kids! I cannot wait to teach kids and the crazy part for me is I actually get paid for doing something I love! I cannot believe I am so blessed!

Well it has been a crazy 2 days and it is now time to go to bed 🙂

One little nugget I will leave you with tonight is: God knows exactly what He is doing in you. He knows exactly the purpose of everything going on in your life. It may not seem like it, but He is there watching over you. Keep going, keep walking, and trust in Him no matter what.



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