God is Good

God’s timing is perfect!

As some of you may know, I have been looking for a part-time job. I have 6 weeks of classes and then student teaching for the semester, but I needed a source of income as well. I began applying for jobs before last semester was over and got no call backs, nothing. I began to get discouraged.

I put a few more applications in (I think I applied to about 20 different places) the week before Christmas and waited. I heard nothing. I decided to call a few places after the New Year began, and the next thing I knew I had 2 job interviews in 1 day!

I was so excited for interviews! Since I am student teaching, my hours of availability are definitely limited starting February 20th, so I began to get nervous. I went to the interviews and had no clue what to think when I left.

The next day, I got a call back on one of the jobs and so I went for a second interview. I was hired on the spot and told to come back that afternoon to do new hire paperwork!


I was so excited! I went back and did the paperwork and now I am employed by 24 Hour Fitness!

God completely provided for me to have a job and a place to work out as well! I cannot wait to see what else God will do!



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