Dream Big

Last weekend I went on the President’s Influence Retreat through my college. This is a weekend that changed and motivated me.

The first night he asked us, what would you do for God if you could not fail?

This was the first thing he asked and it hit me. Now that I am home I have been thinking more on this question. What would be your answer?

While on the retreat I heard so many answers and some amazing dreams, but I cannot help but wonder if our dreams were big enough?

God is a big God. He wants to do what we want to do for the kingdom; only he wants to do it more and wants to do it bigger.

The fact that we have a dream is awesome, but is it just a dream that you will never pursue? Do you think you could never accomplish it? Are you just a person that thinks you will never achieve the dream because it is too big and too crazy?

What would you do for God if you could not fail?

When I thought about this question probably about five dreams came to my head. The first one that I thought of is one of my biggest passions, to speak at or begin a women’s conference that would be international that covers topics that the church today does not talk about. Examples of these topics would be the lies that women believe about themselves, women’s confidence level, I want women to see ourselves through God’s eyes and much more. I want women (Middle school and up) to find their truth worth in God, to stop believing the lies, and to find true relationships/friendships that will help their everyday walk with the Lord.

Everything around me would say this dream is too big and I would not be able to accomplish it. The world would tell me I am just a girl who is not famous and will never achieve this dream. Well, I have God that is bigger and wants my dream to come true more than me. God wants the women to be touched more than I want them to be touched.

I tell you all this to say your dreams are not too big, they might not even be big enough. What is your dream today? What’s keeping your from pursing that dream?

What would you do for God if you COULD NOT fail?


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