Safe in His Arms

As I was holding my beautiful, almost 3 week old, baby girl last night, she looked up at me and just smiled. It was a smile that melted my heart completely. It was a smile that said, “I love you mom.” It was a smile that showed she was happy just where she was. It was a smile that showed she felt safe in my arms. It was a smile that made me want to just freeze time.

I began to think about how much Abigail Hope relies on me. She relies on me for food, shelter, comfort when she doesn’t feel good, comfort when she cries, etc. I see in Abigail’s face when I hold her how she feels safe. She knows that when mommy holds her everything will be ok.

I began to think, do I rely on God like Abigail relies on me?

Do I let God hold me in his arms and assure me everything will be ok?

Do I smile at him with the smile that says I’m happy?

God is holding open his arms ready for us to jump in and let us fully relax and trust Him. When we are in His arms, life will be tough, but we just have to look up and smile at Him because He will protect us.

God will fight for us just like I will fight for Abigail. However, God can’t fight for us if we are to busy fighting for ourselves. Run to His comforting arms today and let Him rock you to sleep in His peace.




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