God Always Provides

Life has been crazy since Abigail Hope has joined us last March. I just wanted to share what God has done in our lives this past year!

Our lease was up in our Apartment in May and we were trying to figure out where we would go. The opportunity for us to move to West Texas came up. So my hubby and I decided to pray and see what doors God would open.

In April we decided to do month-to-month rent so we could stay in our apartment at least one more month before we decided where to go. That way we could have at least one more month to decide if we would stay in Dallas, move to West Texas, or move somewhere else…we had no clue what would come at the end of June.

In the beginning of May, we traveled to West Texas for my sister’s college graduation! After the graduation my mom said I know there is an option of moving out here (West Texas) so why don’t you go look at houses. So we agreed and my mom called the realtor.

*Pause* before we called the realtor…my hubby had found out he for sure had a job in West Texas and I called a local Christian School and found out they had an opening for Elementary Music! Side note (sorry you gotta know history to really see what God did) this Christian School my mom began 20 years ago and I had always wanted to go back and teach. I never thought I would actually get to!

*Play* She (the realtor) lined up about 4 houses for us to go see. We went and looked at the houses and fell in love with the first house we saw. 😉

My hubby and I just decided that if it was God’s will for us to move to Small Town Texas, we would get approved for the loan and the house would be ours.

The next week we applied for the loan and we were ACCEPTED! 😀

So we decided if God REALLY wanted us to move, the owners of the house would accept an offer that was fair. We made an off on Monday and by Friday they accepted a final offer! The realtor called and said what about the beginning of June for a closing date…that date was only 4 weeks away! Talk about a whirl wind! 🙂

From there we told our family, packed our 800 square foot apartment and moved to Small Town West Texas to our 2000 square foot home!

Arriving in the small town, God had laid out 2 part time jobs for me and a full time job for my hubby. I would be working at the school teaching Elementary Music and Band (my passion) and leading worship at my home church!

Not only am I working those jobs…but I am also a stay-at-home mom with precious Abigail! Yes it seems like a lot to have 2 part time jobs but God is awesome and Abigail is with me always…even at school! Abigail is my first priority and both of my employers know that and want that for me!

My hubby and I have now been in Small Town for 2 months! It has been a big adjustment for us, but a wonderful adjustment. We have just celebrated our first wedding anniversary and we are closer than we have ever been.

We are excited about the new opportunities that God has for us in this Small Town. It is amazing to see God put together so many details for us!

If you are waiting for God to open doors, just be patient. We waited almost a year and God opened the door in His time, which went smoother than we could have ever imagined!

Like I have said before the verse I have clung to is Jeremiah 29:11. “‘For I know the plans I have for you,’ declares the Lord, ‘plans to prosper you and not to harm you, plans to give you hope and a future.'” (NIV) May our story be an encouragement to you in your time of waiting. God has a plan for you and I PROMISE He will see it through!




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