Right now is Thanksgiving break for me…which means 5 days to get everything done that I might need to get done! Being a Music Teacher and a Music Director at a church, Christmas season is probably the busiest season of all. So as you can imagine, I have a to do list of a million things to get done but only time to do maybe 3 things a day…with a 8-month-old in tow it tends to make things ten times harder to get done.

So today I laid Abigail on the floor (on a blanket) with some toys and started working on some things that I needed to get done…well attempting to get maybe started on a project while she played.


Abigail had a different plan…she looked at her toy then looked up at me, then began to cry. All she wanted was me to lay down in the floor with her and just play.

I looked at my computer screen, thinking of the many details of programs coming up and the to do list running through my head, then looked at Abigail and knew she isn’t going to be 8 months old forever.

So I cave…I close the laptop, lay down in the floor and hand her a toy.

I hand her the toy only to get it thrown at my face 2 seconds later (we are in a stage of throwing toys but then wanting them back…figuring out how our hands work). Getting toys thrown at my face is not the ideal thing that I wanted to do at that time, but the joy on her face because I was in the floor.

She didn’t need me to play with her, she just want me there…close. She didn’t want me to talk to her…she wanted to do the talking. She just wanted me to sit and listen.

As I laid in the floor, my to do list, the dirty house, and the fact I needed to shower (sorry I’m not on a schedule…for the first time in a LONG time) never crossed my mind. All I could think about is how Abigail just wanted me close.

As I sit here reflecting on my day…I can’t help but wonder doesn’t God want us to just be close? To put away our distractions and just sit close to him? Doesn’t God want us to just sit close and listen?


Have I just sat and listened to God lately? Just sitting close and letting Him do the talking.

I am so thankful for someone so small reminding me of this simple concept.

I mean who wouldn’t want to just sit and listen to this cutie?!?!?!


Have you just sat close to God and just listened lately?




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