5 Reasons I LOVE Being a Mommy

1. The Newborn scent. It’s not Dreft detergent. It’s the baby. It’s the best.

2. The smile. That no matter what is going on when you see a smile on their face nothing else matters.

3. The laughter. Laughter means fun. Laughter means joy.

4. The spontaneous affection. It proves love comes from God. Even though Abigail is only 8 months old, she still gives me hugs when I least expect it. The cuddling…it’s the BEST.

5. Because even on the nights when I am exhausted and desperate for her to go to sleep… just a few minutes later, the sight of her curled up in her crib makes me want to wake her up to hug and kiss her again.

Because it is true: our babies are BLESSINGS. All the diapers and projectile vomit and the piles of laundry and the sleepless nights and the 1 am wake up calls and the cheerios in every corner of the house and car and the baby food stains on your clothes and the spit up when you are walking out the door and the drool on your shirt as you stand to present in front of people to present something and the random pacifiers in your purse…

…all of that adds up to so much joy and beauty and memories.

Thank You God for my baby girl. Thank You for letting me be a mommy.



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