Roller Coaster 2014

Well…2014 is here whether we were ready or not.

In my life, I was ready for 2014. There is always an excitement in the air when a New Year comes around. Everyone seems excited and motivated to conquer their New Year’s Goals and every one excited about a “new start”.

For my family 2013 was one roller coaster year…let’s take a quick look at the “big” moments of 2013. We welcomed Abigail Hope, ended my first year teaching, Luis had 3 job changes, moved to a different town, I started 2 new jobs, and we celebrated our 1 Year Marriage Anniversary (Wahoo!!). Whew! It just makes me tired thinking back on all that has happened in a year.

So ending 2013, I was able to get off that roller coaster and get on the new one called “2014”.

Throughout 2013 I had to learn to trust the seat belt of the ride.

I don’t know about you, but when I get on a roller coaster and all they strap on me is a small seat belt across my lap, I begin to worry and pray that will hold me in during the ride.

The same concept applies to my life in 2013…I had to trust the seat belt. I had to trust that it would not break, it would not allow to me fall off and it would protect me during my “ride” in 2013. That seat belt never failed me, even though some days it would feel like that seat belt was holing on by a thread or some days it felt as though it wasn’t there…but it was.

The “seat belt” holding me together in 2013, was the Word of God.

When you, like me this past year, are faced with situations in life where it seems completely hopeless, that “seat belt” is there to hold you tight. Sometimes when you are on that roller coaster you feel like you will fall out of that seat belt, but you never do.

God has been with my family and I every step of the way. We have had our shares of ups, downs, and loops this past year, but God has guided every step.

In 2014, my prayer is that I won’t have to even think twice about that seat belt holding me. I pray that I will just know that this year God has got me covered.

My prayer is that God will use the ups, downs and loops of last year to help others around us and He will hold us in the ride of roller coaster 2014!

Happy New Year!





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