We have another family member in my family that I haven’t talked about a lot…

He is someone who loves unconditionally, always happy to see me when I have been away, very playful, best friends to my Abigail, and brings so much joy to our home…

This family member’s name is Toby. Toby is a 1 1/2 year old Shih Tzu. Toby is the kind of dog that will jump in your lap as soon as you sit down, wag his tail in your face where it hurts, chase the ball or toy until he cannot go anymore, play until he crashes kind of dog.

We love our Toby to death! I mean who wouldn’t…look at him?!?!

ImageThe reason I wanted to introduce you to Toby is because I learned an important lesson from him the other day.

I was walking around getting stuff done inside when I happened to look out in our backyard. I saw Toby running in circles chasing his tail.

As I watched for just a second…I remember thinking, “wow, dogs are very easily entertained.”

As I was cleaning up the kitchen later that evening I couldn’t get the image of him running chasing his own tail. I asked God if He was trying to teach me something from this situation.

The answer was clear as day…

Sometimes God looks at us, like I watches Toby that day, chasing our tail.

Now we don’t have a literal tail, but we do have fleshly desires that we continually chase after. Something that we are so focused on it’s hard to get our attention otherwise.

When Toby begins to chase his tail he will forget where he is and if I call him he ignores me.

Do we do this to God?

Is God watching you chase after something that isn’t him?

What is the “tail” in your life?





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