My House Will Not Look Like Pinterest- And Why I’m Ok With It

It’s that time of year again…everyone is talking about Christmas decorations, gifts, and the busyness begins. This is also the time of year most women take to Pinterest, Facebook, Instagram, Twitter and Internet to find inspiration for their personal trees and house. I am seeing trees being decorated and people “pinning” their favorite ideas. I cannot help but think, “Why can’t my house look all beautiful decked out for Christmas?” “Why can’t my tree look like the one on Pinterest?” The answer? I have an almost 2 year old.

I was so excited to put up my tree and decorations this year. This year my daughter is almost 2 and she will be able to enjoy everything! Lately while driving around she says “Momma, WOW!” to all the lights and decorations. This only fueled my excitement to make my house perfect! I had a Pinterst picture in my head and I could not wait to make it come to life. I got out my tree, began to put my tulle down the sides, then the ornaments filled the tree, and finally my topper! I was so excited to step back and see my Pinterest picture come to life. You can imagine my surprise when I stepped back and the bottom layer of my tree had been stripped of ornaments and the tulle was next. My adorable 20 month old was there to help.

This is her first Christmas where she is mobile. She was not crawling last Christmas and this year she is crawling everywhere and getting ready to walk! I wanted to be mad because my perfect Christmas tree was ruined…but then I caught myself. Is Christmas about how perfect my tree looks? Is Christmas about having my house Pinterest worthy? No! Christmas is about celebrating the ONE who makes Christmas possible. Christmas is about traditions. Christmas is the most wonderful time of year…enjoy it!

In true reality, any given day you might stop by my house there will be toys everywhere, possibly and empty sippy cup, dishes in the sink (or on the counter drying), and a happy 20 month old. My family is at a stage in life where it is not possible to have the straight, clean, perfect home all the time. And I have learned it’s OK!


To the mom who wants the picture perfect home, look around YOU HAVE IT. You have the sound of laughter, TV, toys, dog barking and sink running…that my friend is the definition of a picture perfect home. I once saw a sign “Please excuse our mess, we are making memories” Mommies, enjoy this stage! You might not have the house from Pinterst, but remember this season is a time of loving on your children, allowing them to learn and grow (like my daughter learning how to take the ornaments off the tree…maybe the growing of putting them back will come soon 😉 ), a time to create family traditions, a time to truly teach your children the truth. Enjoy this season! There will be a day where we can have the pretty tree and perfect house, but don’t rush there just yet. It’s ok for people to see the toys scattered, TV on, dishes piled, because they know you’re making memories.

Enjoy this Christmas season. Remember for you children this is a magical time of year…make it that way. Don’t get caught up in the hustle and bustle. Enjoy your Christmas season!

Merry Christmas,


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