Time to be a Noah in Today’s World

Everywhere we turn we are being bombarded by politics. TV. Street signs. Social Media. Billboards. You name it – it’s there.

You have one side of people supporting one candidate and others tearing another one down. It is constant.

Yes, I know our country is in trouble.
Yes, I know what is going on.
Yes, I voted.
Yes, I know what is at stake.
Yes, I’m concerned.

With all that said…what good is ranting or debating politics? We will have the same outcome whether I chose to “show how human a candidate is” or not.

While we sit, debate and follow every step of every candidate we are neglecting the truth. No matter what happens. No matter who represents what party. No matter who is in office come January. No matter how many primaries. No matter what… GOD IS STILL ON THE THRONE!

Trust me I worry as much as the next person, however there is a fine line of being educated and knowledgeable and being OF the world.

Think about Noah. During his time so much was going on around him. There is no doubt in my mind he knew exactly what was going on in his town. He was educated but he was not OF the world. He did not participate in the worldly things, instead he built an ARK! He sat and quietly listened to the Lord’s voice and obeyed. He would talk to those around him but never condemn them for what choice they made.

God knew the world condition at the time of Noah. He knew that He would need someone like Noah to make a difference. Noah saved humanity!

Don’t you think that same God knows what is going on here? Don’t you think that same God is calling out to us to make a difference?

God has us here and now for such a time as this. God has prepared us to stand on the Gospel of Truth and point people to Christ. Why be of the world when we were called to be NOT of this world? Why get caught up in debates when we can change hearts?

Today, I challenge you to take a step back and find out why you are here. Instead of pointing out human error in the candidate, pray for them.

America. We need Christians to stand up and LEAD this country. We need to be the salt and light of this world.

God has prepared us for such a time as this.


2 thoughts on “Time to be a Noah in Today’s World

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