survive or THRIVE

If you listen to Christian radio, you are familiar with the song “Thrive” by Casting Crowns. This song has penetrated Christian Music since it released in January. I expected nothing less from Casting Crowns. I have been a Casting Crowns “fan” since their first CD. The reason I am a “fan” is because they write REAL lyrics. They write music that is in your face. I have been constantly challenged by Casting Crowns music. Which is the reason I knew “Thrive” would be the same.

This song has hit me right in the face… why?

There is a line in the song that says,
It’s time for us to more than just survive; We were made to thrive


God created me to thrive, so why am I just surviving?
Are you surviving or THRIVING?

Have you ever said,
If I can just make it through this I will be fine.
If I can just get through this week life will be better
If I can just make it through this meeting life will be good.
If I can just get through this event life will be back to “normal”

I cannot even begin to count the number of times I have said something similar to those statements.
The mindset of just getting through is surviving not THRIVING. I want to THRIVE not survive. To help me THRIVE and not survive I asked myself these questions. What area(s) in my life am I just surviving? What can I do to THRIVE? How do I THRIVE? What does THRIVING look like?

When I began my quest, I looked straight to the Bible. I came to the book of James. It did not take long for me to see an example of THRVING. James 1:1 “James, a servant of God and the Lord Jesus Christ.” James knew who he was. Do you know who you are down to your core? As I kept searching I found honestly, to truly THRIVE check your priorities. For me I am a child of the KING, a wife, a mother, a sister, a friend, a teacher, a worship leader, a mentor, and the list goes on. Where are my priorities? Where am I spending most of my time?

You might be thinking, well I do good to just survive because I work full time, volunteer in ministries, have a spouse and family…I do good just to get through the day. And I completely understand that, but are you truly grounded in the Word? What can you cut out to truly THRIVE? Allowing yourself to be stretched thin can be harmful to you, your family, your ministry, and every aspect of life. What needs to go so you can THRIVE in every aspect of life?

Today, I challenge you to really think about what you need to do in your life to THRIVE. Pray about it, I PROMISE God will reveal how to THRIVE.

Just to know you and to make you known
We life your name on high
Shine like the sun make darkness run and hide
We know we were made for so much more than ordinary lives
It’s time for us to more than just survive
We were made to thrive

While you’re at it…listen to the song 🙂


What is Beauty?

I have found myself wondering lately what is truly beautiful? What is the definition of beautiful? Is it the model walking down the runway? Is it a West Texas sunrise or sunset? Is it love? Is it the stars that light up the sky at night? Is beautiful a girl that is waiting on her prom date? Is beautiful a size 0? Is beautiful a girl caked up in makeup where you can’t even see her true face? Is beautiful an ocean? Is it a newborn baby in the arms of the mother for the first time? Is beautiful a certain size? Shape? Color?

Why do we as humans try so hard to achieve this “beautiful” figure or style when we don’t even know what “beautiful” is. Why do we try so hard to be a certain size, color, shape, or even have a certain style? When you achieve that style, size, or color what’s next? Is that going to be good enough? Will there be more? What size are we trying to achieve? What is the “perfect tan”? What does beautiful look like? Why do we turn to the media for beautiful? Why do we allow the media to dictate what we think “beautiful” is?

Beautiful is the simple things. Beautiful is a heart COMPLETELY on fire for God. Beautiful is true worship. Beautiful is someone who cares for others more than themselves. Beautiful is time alone with God without electronics. Beautiful is a room full of true worshipers. Beautiful is the person who lays down his life for the world. Beautiful is someone who gives up everything for us. Beautiful is the image of the cross and what it means to us today.

Wake up and see true beauty today.