Trying Threes

A note to my oldest daughter on the eve of her THIRD birthday-

Everyone calls this the Trying Threes years. However I expect nothing less than more awesomeness! Abigail Hope, you are truly a JOY! I love everything about you. I love how you love others. I love how you love your sister. I love how you love me. I love how you say, “Momma, you’re my friend” – it melts my heart.

You are truly an amazing young girl! You always have a new story to tell. I love how you use BIG words and always know exactly what you’re telling me. You truly keep your daddy and I on our toes :). I have watched you become the BEST big sister! You smoother your sister with kisses and complain that she’s “hurting your ears” all in about 60 seconds. Oh, life with you is more fun.
You love going on walks. Lately you HAVE to hold Toby’s leash and even let it go just to laugh at him because he got scared the leash was going to get him. You love to do chalk on the driveway. Your leadership skills really shine through when mommy doesn’t use the right color. You love to play pretend. Everyone in our family has had our share of Doctor check ups lately. You love music. One thing about you, sweet girl, you have always loved music! And now you are CONSTANTLY singing. You sing church songs, songs from TV shows, and our personal favorite Donut Man Songs! I LOVE my daily concerts! You love your daycare. You are constantly asking me to go to daycare. You love your teachers and your teachers love you. It blesses mommy’s heart to know you love daycare. You love to play hide and seek – especially with your aunts. It sometimes takes forever to find you, but the next round you’re back in your same spot only for us to find you quicker and tackle you with tickles. Oh the cackle! You LOVE to laugh! You love to “twirl” until you get dizzy. Once you have finished twirling or putting on a show you always take a bow. Oh how precious are these moments.
My precious one, don’t grow up to fast. Never stop loving. Never stop shining a light for Jesus. Never stop being my baby girl.
You are a bundle of joy to us. It’s been 365 days times THREE that you’ve been out of my tummy. And yet you’ve been in our hearts since before we could see you on a Sonogram. And farther back than that, you were in the mind of God and HE loved you even before we did. And ultimately, sweet girl, you are His, first and foremost. May your kisses and your dances and your language and your good looks and sense of humor always be aimed first and foremost towards the heart of God. May you always seek to give Him pleasure before your own. To bring Him joy before you seek Your own. May every ounce of your creative wit and will, and passion be bent towards – surrendered to- Jesus, before any other person. May the game of hide and seek be one you never stop playing as you grow in prayer and learn to find God in His throne room.

We are proud of you baby girl. These aren’t the Trying Threes Years…. We look forward to some very, very Thrilling Threes!

Happy Birthday, my Booger Bear.



Marriage…It Takes Work

With the Valentine’s Season approaching I wanted to reflect a little on my marriage.

It has been just over a year and a half since we got married. What a year and a half it has been.

Over this year and a half I have had to learn many hard lessons and I am thankful to have a man that loves God enough to stick it out with me. This has been the hardest time in my life to date, but yet the best time.

I wanted to share today what I have learned. I know I haven’t been married long and I sure don’t have it all figured out. There are just a few of the things that have made a huge difference in my life.

1. Love each other at all times even if you can’t stand each other.
What I mean by that is always love your spouse even if you don’t like him/her at the time. There have been times during this year and a half that I have not liked my husband at a particular moment but I still love him. Yes, I didn’t like him because he was pushing all my buttons or not helping but yet I still loved him.

2. Date each other.
After your “honeymoon glow” wears off don’t forget to date each other. I know everyone already told you this, but honestly that has what has held our marriage together. When my husband out money aside and says “I’m taking you on a date” I feel special…just like I did when we were dating. When he and I go on a date (whether it be a date at home or out somewhere) we always put away our phones. If we go out we leave our phones in the car. If we are at home, our phones are on silent and in another room. If you are like us and have kids you can check them just to make sure your kiddos are ok…but not to check Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, games or whatever else. Your date night is for you and your spouse only!

3. Go to your spouse before others.
This applies a lot to women, especially women that live close to their mothers. Go to your spouse for advice, encouragement, love, support, etc before you would go to your mom, friend, sister, brother, etc. I tend to go to other before my husband, because I normally think “he has to much going on…he doesn’t need my baggage.” When in fact he WANTED my baggage….he WANTED to help me. When I thought it was helping him not to go to him…it actually hurt him.

4. Love their family.
I am lucky in the department; my husband’s family is absolutely amazing. I love being with them, I love having them come visit us, I love visiting them, I love how they love my Abigail, and I love how they love me. Like I said, I am blessed, but not everyone is as blessed as I am. You might not like your spouse’s family, but LOVE them. They are everything to your spouse. Just think about how much your family means to you and remember that is how your spouse feels about their family too.

5.  Enjoy marriage.
God designed marriage to be a fun thing in life. You grow up always dreaming about what marriage will be like one day…now stop dreaming and LIVE your dream. If it isn’t the dream day find ways to make it a dream day. Enjoy having your spouse and remind yourself why you fell in love with them in the first place. Play like you are teens just beginning to date, flirt and enjoy marriage.

The best piece of advice I can ever give you concerning marriage is PRAY. Marriage is a decision you make everyday to love and be with your spouse. Make the best of it. Bless your spouse and pray God will guide your every step.

These few things have gotten us to a year and a half…and I think that is pretty good 🙂




Roller Coaster 2014

Well…2014 is here whether we were ready or not.

In my life, I was ready for 2014. There is always an excitement in the air when a New Year comes around. Everyone seems excited and motivated to conquer their New Year’s Goals and every one excited about a “new start”.

For my family 2013 was one roller coaster year…let’s take a quick look at the “big” moments of 2013. We welcomed Abigail Hope, ended my first year teaching, Luis had 3 job changes, moved to a different town, I started 2 new jobs, and we celebrated our 1 Year Marriage Anniversary (Wahoo!!). Whew! It just makes me tired thinking back on all that has happened in a year.

So ending 2013, I was able to get off that roller coaster and get on the new one called “2014”.

Throughout 2013 I had to learn to trust the seat belt of the ride.

I don’t know about you, but when I get on a roller coaster and all they strap on me is a small seat belt across my lap, I begin to worry and pray that will hold me in during the ride.

The same concept applies to my life in 2013…I had to trust the seat belt. I had to trust that it would not break, it would not allow to me fall off and it would protect me during my “ride” in 2013. That seat belt never failed me, even though some days it would feel like that seat belt was holing on by a thread or some days it felt as though it wasn’t there…but it was.

The “seat belt” holding me together in 2013, was the Word of God.

When you, like me this past year, are faced with situations in life where it seems completely hopeless, that “seat belt” is there to hold you tight. Sometimes when you are on that roller coaster you feel like you will fall out of that seat belt, but you never do.

God has been with my family and I every step of the way. We have had our shares of ups, downs, and loops this past year, but God has guided every step.

In 2014, my prayer is that I won’t have to even think twice about that seat belt holding me. I pray that I will just know that this year God has got me covered.

My prayer is that God will use the ups, downs and loops of last year to help others around us and He will hold us in the ride of roller coaster 2014!

Happy New Year!




Dream Big

Last weekend I went on the President’s Influence Retreat through my college. This is a weekend that changed and motivated me.

The first night he asked us, what would you do for God if you could not fail?

This was the first thing he asked and it hit me. Now that I am home I have been thinking more on this question. What would be your answer?

While on the retreat I heard so many answers and some amazing dreams, but I cannot help but wonder if our dreams were big enough?

God is a big God. He wants to do what we want to do for the kingdom; only he wants to do it more and wants to do it bigger.

The fact that we have a dream is awesome, but is it just a dream that you will never pursue? Do you think you could never accomplish it? Are you just a person that thinks you will never achieve the dream because it is too big and too crazy?

What would you do for God if you could not fail?

When I thought about this question probably about five dreams came to my head. The first one that I thought of is one of my biggest passions, to speak at or begin a women’s conference that would be international that covers topics that the church today does not talk about. Examples of these topics would be the lies that women believe about themselves, women’s confidence level, I want women to see ourselves through God’s eyes and much more. I want women (Middle school and up) to find their truth worth in God, to stop believing the lies, and to find true relationships/friendships that will help their everyday walk with the Lord.

Everything around me would say this dream is too big and I would not be able to accomplish it. The world would tell me I am just a girl who is not famous and will never achieve this dream. Well, I have God that is bigger and wants my dream to come true more than me. God wants the women to be touched more than I want them to be touched.

I tell you all this to say your dreams are not too big, they might not even be big enough. What is your dream today? What’s keeping your from pursing that dream?

What would you do for God if you COULD NOT fail?

Bragging on the Boyfriend :)

Since Valentine’s Day was yesterday…I wanted to brag on my amazing boyfriend, Luis.

I have been blessed to be dating such a wonderful man of God for the past 2 years and 5 months. It has been a crazy time, but I could not ask for a better man.

Luis is always there for me when I need him. He always knows exactly what to say when I am having my freak out moments. He is there for me cheering me on at all times. I am one blessed girl.

We have had our ups and downs but the fact that we can make it through and still love each other is the best feeling. He balances me out. I am a very strong willed woman and I need a guy that will let me strong willed sometimes, but will still be the head of the relationship. I found that in Luis. When I’m having a hard day, he knows exactly what to say and he is always there.

The best part of my time with Luis is that I am able to get closer to God in every step. He brings me closer to God everyday.

When I was going through the rough time with my back and not knowing how I was going to get through it, Luis was there. He prayed over me and never left my side. He is my rock when I feel like everything around me is falling apart. When I feel like I cannot keep going, he gives me the reason to keep going.

I am so blessed by him and I cannot wait to see what God will do in the years to come with us 🙂

Thank you for letting me brag a little bit 🙂

Below is a picture of us from my voice recital back in November. He was the biggest help during the stressful times getting ready for that day. There were days I would call him crying saying I could not do this, but he was there cheering me on the whole time. It showed me how blessed I truly am 🙂