Disciple Now – Live Different

From the early alarm, or at least for me on a Saturday, to bedtime today has been the longest, craziest, most rewarding days. Today was Disciple Now – Live Different with Resonate Youth. As you may or may not know, one of my biggest passions is youth ministry. I love working with youth and being able to be crazy with them as well as mentor them and love on them.

Side story…I volunteer with the middle school students, this happens to be ironic. The irony comes in (or what I call God showing me to watch what I say 😉 ) when I was in high school I was having a conversation with my mom about different grades. She was telling me that she wanted to be a junior high/middle school principle when I proceeded to tell her I would never work in middle school because I hated my middle school years and I would not work with that age group. Little did I know that I would go to college and God will give me a huge passion for middle school girls. I now go every Wednesday (one of my favorite times of the week) and lead a small group of 7th & 8th grade girls. I absolutely love spending time with those girls!

Anyways…Resonate Youth is the youth group at Mundo de Fe and LifeChurch Coppell that I am a part of. We had our Disciple Now day today (11 hours long). We had 73 youth from 6th-12th grades and had a BLAST!

From sessions to Main Event to playing games in the church it was a fun filled day. I had the privilege to hang out with middle school students all day. I loved every second of it! Our theme was Live Different. We were able to talk to our students about the Biblical approach to a touchy subject in most churches, sex. We explained to our students that even though the world pulls at us in so many directions, we don’t have to follow; we can live a life of purity.

Honestly, the world has taught our youth that sex is ok and everyone is doing it and that scared me for them. I wanted our students to be able to hear from us leaders and step up to make the choice for purity.

Today I saw youth worshipping with all their heart. I saw youth say NO to the world and YES to God. I saw youth bond with other youth and make the commitment together! I saw youth stand up for what they believe in! This is why I love youth ministry.

At the end of the day, during our last session, I watched today’s youth stand up and sign a Commitment to Purity! I saw hope in the youth. I saw healing knowing that God was a God of healing, restoration, grace, mercy, strength and so much more. I got to witness God work through the lives of students. I am incredibly grateful for what I saw today.

Today has been a long day but as I sit here, my whole body aching from bowling, laser tag, standing to long, I am so grateful for the youth today. I know the youth can make a difference in the lives of their families, friends, and in their schools.

Tonight as I write this blog reflecting on what I saw today, I cannot help but cry tears of joy and gratefulness for God. I watched God work miracles today and I cannot wait to see what He will continue doing in the lives of our youth.

Today, if you are doubting the youth I am here to tell you God has a purpose for them. I believe in them. I believe they can make a change! I believe they can stand up for what they believe in and they can live a life of purity.