Here Comes Change

Well life as I know it is about to get turned upside down! I start student teaching one week and a day from today. I begin on February 22nd.

Words cannot express what is going through my head. I have fear yet excitement about this time in my life.

I have waited four years to be able to student teach. I have wanted to be a teacher my whole life and now it is actually coming true. It scares me because I still feel to young to even be considering graduating college, and let alone maybe even getting a full time job. At the age of 22, I am still young, but I am confident in what I have learned and what I can do in a classroom.

I have prepared for this moment my whole life. From playing school as a young child to taking classes I am ready to become a teacher.

I have watched my mom be an amazing teacher my whole life and I hope that I can be just as half as good as she is. I have seen her be in the classroom, start her own school, and be an elementary school principal. I have seen her influence the lives of so many people and I have always wanted to be as good as she is. God has truly gifted her to be an administrator, me however I think I need to be in the classroom.

I know that God is truly watching out for me and has me at Dallas Christian College for a reason. I know that God has me student teaching at a particular school for a reason. God has given me talents in music and opportunity to grow those talents in order to get me ready for this next step in life.

I cannot wait to see what God does in my life starting next week. I know that it will be a crazy few months, but it will be completely worth it.

Being a teacher sometimes scares me only because I know how much I looked up to all my teachers. I do not want to disappoint a student, not be there for them when they need, or not treat my students fairly. I love students and I cannot wait to have the opportunity to work with students and see what God does.

God has a perfect plan and I will abide in that today.